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Razer Ouroboros

I am begging on my hands and knees, please bring back the ouroboros, its the best mouse i’ve ever used, it was sleek, ergonomic, customizable, it was the greatest gaming mouse i’ve ever had, what do i have to do to get a V.2?

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Like adding the razer viper ultimate together with razer basilisk ultimate. Together :heart: :heart:


I think it's a great idea.  Maybe after we get wireless Xbox controller. 

I agree best mouse I,ve ever used .

Mice I have previously owned and used .

the games I played using them . Cod , Battlefield . WoW , ESO , Warhammer online . Witcher , Fallout , Bioshock .  Many and varied .

Cancelling the Ouroboro,s with it excellecnt customization in wiegth , grip and feel .

That decision to discontinue the Oruoboros is on par with saying , I,m going to vote for Trump because he is honest and decent person , he ,s mother teressa , nelson mandela  and richard attenbourough rolled into one . humble , philanthropic and believes in the goodness in all . Rather than a parthological lair , scammer , bully , narcissist . A dishonest con man and probably the most self centred , egotistical , self entitled selfish sociopath to ever be in politics  and thats saying something .

Mouseman dual optical

 Logitech G9                         

Logitech G500

Razer Viper

Razer Deathadder - laptop .

So when I say bring back the Ouroboro,s  It,s because it was the best customizable mouse . better than Madcats