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Razer RZ01-03850100-R3M1 Deathadder Essential

  • 14 March 2024
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I have Razer RZ01-03850100-R3M1 Deathadder Essential model. I should adjust my mouse dpi but my Razer Synapse application never see my mouse. My mouse is work really very good but i cant change dpi. I am waiting for your support.

3 Replies

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If you bought it there (linked shop), then it may be a counterfeit, so you’ll could have the answer why it’s not detected in Synapse.

Send a photo of top and bottom of the mouse (plugged to PC ofc) to verify.

i think you can check by this photo. İ'm waiting for your feedback


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Pure fake, you’ve been scammed.

Return and get money back.