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Salmosa mouse - unable to register?

  • 13 April 2020
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I am trying to register my mouse I've had for a while now that I finally have a Razer account and the site keeps telling me my product number is incorrect.
Any help thank you.

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3 Replies

No response? Hey Razer where is the customer support? This is one area you could shine and put everyone out of business by simply providing amazing customer support.
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Woah, Razer Salmosa? That's a... pretty old mouse, isn't it? Released around Fall 2008 (according to Amazon).

You might not be able to register it because it's so old. Have you tried reaching out to Razer Support at this link?
(If it's a vintage mouse, got any pictures you're willing to share? :D)
I think I've got an old Death Adder around here somewhere also :/