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The Razer Naga Trinity

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Thank you for using the optical sensor, please do keep using it in your every mouse in the future.
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What a beautiful transformer! JK ... Beautiful mouse! :wink_:
Now that's what i need because currently i need to use multiple mouse for multiple play-style, this will change it and will help me do all of those with one mouse. Great job Razer.
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Best periph I've ever seen 😮 still using naga molten edition at work and love it ❤
Dammit I just bought a Naga Chroma last month.
Nice one! perfect for moba!
sweet mouse, but i still pref mamba one 😉
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Dope! Making it more simple and easy to try different button configs.
So much cool new stuff this week.👍
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Watts that!:eek_:
dang, what a NICE mouse!
All right, I'm gonna throw up now. The Big Brass needs to ease up on you guys! You guys are eating, sleeping and breathing way too much Razer. For Reals! :smile_::cool_:
DAMN... a dream come true
Holy hell that is awesome