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The Razer Naga Trinity

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Experience overwhelming power with the new Razer Naga Trinity –

MOBA and MMO players, rejoice! The Razer Naga is back and better than ever—featuring 3 interchangeable side panels. Switch your playstyle and take on every arena with 2, 7 or 12 additional buttons to bind all your spells on.

This new mighty weapon is armed with our esports-grade optical sensor capable of 16,000 DPI, offering buttery smooth tracking and deadly precision as you strike down the enemy. With Trinity, the Razer Naga’s familiar design becomes even greater—spell-sling for hours in total comfort thanks to its perfected button positioning and improved ergonomics.

And of course, it also rocks Razer Chroma’s 16.8 million colors to light your way through the darkest dungeons.

Find out more about the Razer Naga Trinitythe ultimate mouse for MOBA and MMO players –

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It's awesome and a big step
Not bad, one mouse for FPS, MOBA and MMORPG :big_grin_:
Love the style if I didnt just get a new mouse a few months ago Id grab this.
yeah. After taking another look at this mouse, Its starting to grow on me. However it looks bulky and probably wouldn't fit my hand well.
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It... has... optical sensor! Razer heared us ❤
Cool, though I have no need for it, I like the idea a lot! Going towards an universal Razer mouse, with swap-able parts, like Project Christine?
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Alright thats my next mouse.Target acquired.
Dope! Making it more simple and easy to try different button configs.
So much cool new stuff this week.👍

I know right! The scroll wheel is back on the keypads and since the tartarus had had a remodel, the others get is on the way. Mechanical prowess!!!!!! I kind of regret my deathadder elite choice since now my brother uses it for LOL
in one word nice!!!
I just hope razer does this for lefties too like my old naga, be a nice upgrade and be able retire my old leftie naga/deathadder and just use one mouse again.
Is good for freelance gamers! They can keep swapping the programmable key while playing different genre game!

Perhaps is good to collect too!:big_grin_:
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Nice !!!:smile_:
DAAAAMN That's nice!!
This looks so dope. Great idea as always!
Damn, that is pretty legit
omg! i dont know what to say - it's amazing, Razer is still ahead of all competition! good job 🙂
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This mouse is like the ultimate mouse that there can be. Until now we had different mouses each with a fixed panel of extra buttons, and now we're getting one with all the possible configurations meaning that you can switch them accordingly to the game you're playing. That's overpowered.
Looks awesome! Any idea when it'll be in stock? Itching to buy one but it's out of stock on the UK store :frown_:
Interesting for sure. I'm going from 12 to 5 macro keys on my keyboard due to upgrading to a Blackwidow soon and will really miss the extra macro keys. I was considering a Naga just to replace them, but this looks neat too. Might save up for it if it comes out on the zSilver store.

EDIT: Wouldn't ya know it? I post about this and then check the zSilver rewards to check for the November update and they added the Naga Epic lol. I guess after I order the BlackWidow V2, I'll start the long journey to 198,000 for the Naga Epic. Unless something else comes along first 😃
That's stunning!
every moba players dream 😍😍
That's very nice! Additional buttons are very useful
Awesome! Hopefully everybody else enjoys it!
@Razer|Gwynbleidd no estimate as to when this is coming back? (its still out of stock ever since like 5 minutes after it was released) thx
Holy crap! The first lego/transformer mouse from Razer!!! Looking goooood!!! Gj guys!!!!