There must be a way to adjust the polling rate, dpi, and other necessities without synapse | Razer Insider

There must be a way to adjust the polling rate, dpi, and other necessities without synapse

  • 23 August 2021
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Look synapse has, on multiple systems, caused instability, hanging, pop-ups in game, frustration, and most of all? it's caused me to lose respect for razer. Why, in order to adjust the most basic mouse functions, do i need 6 services, 4 processes and 1gb of ram? Why does synapse, installed on an nvme, take like 90 seconds to start? I don't want it. I just want to be able to use my damn mouse without some bogus application(s) running in the background. I've searched your website, your forums, 3rd party forums, I've found nothing? I know i'm not the only one who's voiced this opinion. I've gone as far as to search for "3rd party" solutions to just get me BASIC driver functions. I don't care if the thing flashes green when chroma tells it to. I care that it helps me win games. I refuse to believe this company "For gamers by gamers" has a legion of "gamers" working in the development team who see no problem with synapse. I refuse to believe no one over there has decided to be the beacon of light and make something functional.

What i'm saying, is that there must be a way to adjust polling rate, DPI, and other necessities without being forced to deal with the trainwreck that is synapse.

I don't know who signed off on this ridiculous mess but- what were you thinking? The only "for gamers by gamers" who are cool with this kind of thing are the ones that don't understand how unnecessary it is. and thats short term. Take one for the team and at least give us a "synapse lite" or just give us the damn drivers.

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I don't think, that there is any Synapse alternative for windows.
You can always set your DPI / HZ / Profile through synapse, and save settings on the onboard memory (if your device have it).

Synapse lite sounds good - just to set your settings quick and save.