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VIPER 8KHz | Absolute Control. Elevated.

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Introducing the world's fastest esports gaming mouse - the Razer Viper 8KHz. Equipped with our Razer HyperPolling technology and 2nd-gen Optical Mouse Switch, giving you a true 8000Hz polling rate for 8x faster speeds and the lowest latency ever achieved in the industry. Experience Absolute Control:

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Woohoo!! Nice one.
Must change my Viper, but currently using RVU.
Any chance for 8kHz Viper Ultimate? 😃
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Strike like a vicious viper Insiders!!
Ooooo Looks very nice but's seems like it's better for people with higher refresh rate but even still i need a new mouse had my razer mouse since 2013 so guess i might have to
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Great for those esports people who depend on high refresh rates. Seems excessive but I guess they need that kind of refresh rate.
How to buy in Canada, it doesn't accept my Canadian Address or any Canadian Address on checkout!?!
May came to the most wanted question: when will be a wireless version launched:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
Yet another mouse!
Looks awesome
The Next Level Play! 💚 ⚡ 👊
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Holy moly ! This mouse is gonna be a real BEAST with that 8000Hz pooling rate
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Nice! Once these specs are in a Basilisk (or Deathadder) I'll probably get it:smile_:
RVU 8k possible?
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ok Razer ilu but why T_T my Viper is barely a few months old...
That's crazy upgrade on the Viper, I'm sticking to my Viper Ultimate for now. This one's still the best out there now.
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Really giving the extra edge to e-sports pros there. It's like the jump from 60hz to 240hz displays. Great cheavo Razer
So many great new products one after another.
You never know when it's time to get one.
It drives me crazy.
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That 8k hz is about the refresh rate of the mouse?
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Major update for Viper! But still going to stick with my Deathadder V2 Pro 🙂
Released with the same price as the previous version, nice!
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Hello Friends,

The new VIPER 8KHz mouse looks really impressive.
Congratulations Razer for achieving a true 8000 Hz polling ratesending up to 8 times more data in a second and reducing delay from 1 to 1 / 8th of a millisecond.
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8k doesnt work, mouse polling max at 4k.
Having issues in Valorant. All othe rgames are fine but 8000hz in valo is lagging and freezing when moving the mouse quickly.
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I'm not really sure that more dpi's are helpful for most of the people.