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Viper Mini Signature glass skates

  • 30 July 2023
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I just bought the Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition.


I got that with some glass skates and with some PTFE skates. And there is already PTFE skates on the mouse.


Now to the question. Why do i can put some glass skates on the mouse? Why should i do that? Do i have some benefits? Is that better than PTFE skates?


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Not sure if you’ve tried them by now or found out, some people prefer glass mouse skates, I’d say they are definitely worth trying. 

I have the viper mini SE and haven’t tried the glass skates yet, but I heard they last a lot longer than others (pulsar superglides) in theory the glass ones should last longer than PTFE but this isn’t true in practise. For example when I first tried the Pulsar Superglides I loved the glide, they were great for tracking heavy scenarios/games, but over time they actually became really muddy and unusable. 

I actually found your post whilst looking up if they sell replacements yet, I asked support and they said no which I find a bit odd.


Anyway hope that helps, I’d definitely give them a go, worst case scenario you realise they aren’t for you and can put the other PTFE skates back on.