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I love that unique underglow lighting powered by Razer Chroma RGB, I would love to see it on the next gen Basilisk Ultimate.

that's so true!!
Dat new butt lighting tho
I bought Viper Ultimate
hi, someone have detection problem with the viper mini? every time i shutdown my pc i need to replug the mouse after every wakeup, i have tryed different things, switch usb port, check various fix in the bios, reinstall driver, reinstall synapse, unistall the device from device manager, check various windows settings, nothing, support no answer, here no answer, dunno what to do, preatty sad :\\

i dont have any problems with other mouse
What's the color you would like to see?

I hope to see the razer viper mini in white like the Mercury series and so that they complete the viper series in this color.
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Is there a wireless mini version?
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Agree with @EPiX-77 would love to see the Viper series in Mercury White to complement my Huntsman 🙂
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Cute little mousey! Also outstanding lighting!
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The Viper Mini is amazingly affordable. I think I'm going to scratch the other two Vipers and make this my next goal.
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I bought Viper Ultimate

how do you like it?
Eazy. the best mouse yet
i love this!
What a mouse . Will surely buy when its available in India
nice razer gear bro
the mouse is pretty small so i guess its better for portability.
Perfect mouse for on the go. Looking good!
Razer Viper Mini with Chroma. Can't wait too see it.
If I buy the Razer Viper and open it then return it in the box will I get my full 40 dollars back?
Gonna exchange with razer silver soon
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Cool to see a mouse fit for smaller hands. However, for myself, if I use a palm grip on my Deathadder, my fingers are over the front edge.
I'd love to share everyone's enthusiasm, but I'm a small handed left hander and I was specifically waiting for this mouse (small form factor viper. ) But they took out the right sided buttons that makes this essentially not a option for lefties. I wish they would have just kept the buttons. It would have been perfect. So disappointing.
I like the idea of a small mouse. But i prefere a bigger mouse to fit perfect in my hand.
Exactly I've been waiting foR!!
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It's not really that "mini", is it?
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I like the fact that it's cheap, usually Razer doesn't forgive the price that much.