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Viper Ultimate Mercury Edition

  • 23 November 2021
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This is the best mouse I've ever used.
But why the indicator under the mouse is showing by the color only CPI? I use 400 CPI for every task, and it's glowing red. Why this is not working like in DA V2 Pro? I'd like to assign on-board profiles to separate colours (profile 1-red, profile 2-blue, profile 3-green and so on), and then use my mouse with different machines without need to install Synapse. Switching profiles should change the color thad I'd know which is active at the time.
I hope Razer will update this feature in the next firmware release.
In my Razer Deathadder V2 Pro it works as it should be.

I'm also wondering if Razer have some plans for USB-C dongles or even universal USB-C dongles to pair with their existing products.


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I have RVU since year (or more) - the color under mouse ALWAYS indicated selected profile, not DPI color.
Be sure, that all your profiles are assigned to on-board memory.
Maybe you have not-Mercury editon, or some earlier release of this mouse? I'm sure that my 3 profiles are on-board stored and switching works well with any machine or system (Win/OSX), beside this undermouse color changing. Even assigning profiles in Synapse is not indicated by color but by number (1,2,3,4 instead of Red,Green,Blue,Lightblue, and White (system default)). That's weird, or it's only for Mercury Edition drivers.