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Viper Ultimate Stop Working

  • 31 December 2022
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Hi, my mouse suddenly stop working (Mouse pointer is not moving), I tried to connect it through wire but it had slight delay, so I install the firmware update, then it immediately stops working.

  • The rgb light working fine,
  • In Windows setting it shows that the mouse is connected (both wired & wireless),
  • Charging fine (both through usb & dock),
  • Synapse only recognise the mouse through wired connection

*The mouse is not recognised in Synapse if it is connected via the USB receiver, even though Windows settings indicate that the mouse is connected*

Any idea how to fix it?

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  • I tried to reinstall the mouse driver by doing this:, and now Synapse does not recognise the mouse through the cable
  • I have tried to reinstall the firmware, nothing happen
  • I also tried "Mouse Pairing Utility" and nothing happen
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try the RMA
If you charging through the docks, try cleaning the dock and the viper charging spot with Q-Tips and some alcohol. if the synapse is not recognize the Viper u need to uninstall the Viper from the Device manager. Once you finish uninstalling the Viper unplug the dongle and restart your PC.

Rachel Gomez
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Try connect the USB wire to USB 3.0 or higher port
I had similar issue with my Basilisk ULT when connecting to USB 2.0 port.

As we know USB 3.0 has bigger data transfer rate compared to USB 2.0
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I received my replacement mouse 2 weeks ago and everything went so smoothly.Thanks to the customer support team for their amazing help with my RMA.

If you're having trouble with your mouse and it's still under warranty, I highly recommend reaching out to the customer support team and following their instructions. Just be patient and the process should be a breeze.