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Which Mouse is Best for You?

  • 25 February 2021
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Razer Mouse from Razer Silver is good, Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition for example.
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@Jenjar thanks for another amazing write up man. I am personally using a Deathadder 2013 (on my PC at home) as well as Deathadder Essential for my office work, hands down one of the most comfortable and all round an amazing mouse tho. I have used tons of different mouse ranging from different brands n specs for a long time, but nothing felt closer to Deathadder for me, be it the older one or the newer one. But again that's for me, I'm sure it differs between ppl.
I've been using deathadder chroma for like 8 years and since I changed to a viper my aim improved a lot in FPS games. Probably the deathadder was too big for my hads.
Just recently go the Viper Ultmiate. And i LOVE IT!!
The best size for my hand and the most comfortable as well. Just the ability to have your hand rest on it in the claw grip is pewrfect and no effort needed in moving it around as well, due to its weight and the PTFE feet is mindblowing for me.
Took the partner to tak etyo it, but now shes convinved as well. She couldnt be any happier nor convinced that it was money well spent!
same for mice...would prefer for it to be on razer.com
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Section 6: Naga Family:

Featuring 4 models, the Naga family is another one of Razer’s well known lineups of mice. In its over decade long history, the line has grown a reputation of outstanding performance in MMO and MOBA games, due to their large amount of programmable buttons which allow users to remap certain key functions to be easily activatable. It is best suited for medium to larger hands, with all grip types.

Naga X:

At the start of the line, the Naga X is the entry-level Naga, with a price of $79.99 USD. It features 16 programmable buttons, which includes a massive array of 12 on its left side. The Naga X also includes Razer’s optical mouse switches, and 18,000 DPI optical sensor. You can read more about the Naga X here.

Naga Trinity:

Next up, we have the Naga Trinity, with a price tag of $99.99 USD. Unlike other Naga models, the Trinity has three included side plates, which you are able to switch out, for different layouts and numbers of programmable buttons. Those side plates include both 2, 7 and 12 button configurations, and when combined with other buttons on the mouse, allow for a maximum of 19 programmable buttons. Along with this, the Trinity features a 16,000 DPI optical sensor and mechanical mouse switches. You can learn more about the Naga Trinity here.

Naga Left-Handed Edition:

The Naga Left-Handed edition is one of its kind, as it is the only truly designed for left-handed gamers mouse which Razer currently produces, priced at $99.99 USD. It features 19 programmable buttons, with an array of 12 on its right side, Razer’s 20,000 DPI “Focus+” optical sensor and mechanical mouse switches. You can learn more on the Naga Left-Handed Edition here.

Naga Pro:

As the flagship of the Naga family, the Naga Pro has a price of $149.99 USD. It is wireless, featuring up to 150 hours of battery life (100 hours with Razer’s Hyperspeed Wireless technology). It includes interchangeable side plates like the Naga Trinity, with 12, 6 and 2 button options, allowing for a maximum of 19 programmable buttons, including others on the mouse. Finally, it features both Razer’s “Focus+” optical sensor and optical mouse switches. You can learn more about the Naga Pro here.

Will because you mentioned it the best mouses are the Naga Family I'm currently using Razer Naga Trinity.
The best thing with the Naga family is that there are 12 customizable buttons good for RPG and MMO game like Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and more other games and another benefit of the Naga Family is that it give the chance to change the button style for the like if you didn't need the 12 button style you can take it off and put another piece like the 2 buttons for example.
Until now I'm using the Naga Trinity and I will soon get the Naga Pro because its wireless.
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same for mice...would prefer for it to be on razer.com

Will I'd like to order my pc accessories from the razer store but the problem that razer doesn't ship to my country:frown_:
Love my Basilisk v2...
Thank you for this writeup. If the Viper 8KHz I just got isn't as perfect for me as I think, this gives me a good jumping off point to troubleshoot an alternative.
imma just insert an opinion here....the basilisk series is amazing and I highly recommend it. If the ergo suits you, it is definitely worthwhile..esp the x hyperspeed and v2...both amazing products
viper mini so cutty
was thinking of a white footed deer mouse. I guess a viper works too I guess. Kinda weird to name a mouse with a predator but ok
viper mini so cutty

slicey dicey. off with your handsies
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Naga series without a doubt, mmo's and fps.
Guys, i'm having some troubles about choosing Moisés ir keypads. My husband had a stroke and he has hemiparesis tks to this. One of his arms doens't Works bit henloce to play games. For nos i have one old razer nostromos keypads, but most games asks for mouse too. So to play It needs to play with both, and this really harm his jogability because he needs to dropnfrom keypad to use mouse than go back to keypad. Razer has any soluction like a keypad with mouse function?
Newly joined to the Viper Fam! currently enjoying my Viper mini its cheap and good hoping it will last!
Hello Insiders!

Choosing a mouse is often a difficult process. There are many mice aimed for certain game genres, hand sizes and grip types. It is important to choose a mouse which fits your preferences in those key areas, and which also has features which you may also find useful in everyday life; from gaming to productivity. This guide is intended to answer the common question, “Which mouse is best for me?”.

To start, I recommend using Razer’s mouse fit tool, which is located on their site here. This tool will help you find the best mouse for both your hand size and grip type, which will improve comfort and accuracy while using your mouse. The page itself also provides information about both grip types and hand sizes, which I will be mentioning often throughout this thread.

This guide will be split into 8 main sections:

1. Introduction
2. Productivity Lineup
3. Deathadder Family
4. Basilisk Family
5. Mamba Family
6. Naga Family
7. Viper Family
8. Conclusion

You can view each section, or focus on which you are interested in most.

Section 1: Introduction to Razer’s Lineup:

At the time of writing this guide, Razer has 5 families of gaming mice. Each family shares the same shape and general characteristics, however differ with different colours, features, and even different sizes.

Along with Razer’s 5 families of gaming mice, there are also a couple of individual productivity-based models, which I will also mention in their own section below.

Below, I will run through all 5 families along with the productivity lineup, detailing some important features of all models throughout, with recommendations as to what game genres, hand sizes and grip types are best for each.

i just saw your list of razer product and dang...it be looking like a razer catalog
Have the Basilisk V2, and it's perfect...
most definatly the viper mini as my hands are not huge. 🙂 i would not trade it for any other mouse out there
Ive just taken delivery of a Stormtrooper Atheris. Had seen some mixed reviews over the weight of it, but tbh I like a bit of heft in my mouse. After a day of using it, I can safely say its working absolutely fine and the weight is spot on.
Razer Naga is a hard subject, no one who buys that mice isn't talking too much about it. It's just a personal thing:big_grin_:
Currently using viper mini so i guess that's the best one for me. 🙂
Razer Viper Ultimate Quartz is so beautiful. That's one of the reasons why I'm getting a part time job now.
I have a Deathadder Elite because I cannot handle anything that's Wireless. It's just not me to have wireless components at my disposal when I need better control of my gaming.
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Another mindblowingly good guide, phenomenal!