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Which Mouse is Best for You?

  • 25 February 2021
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Does Razer always indiscriminately negate the warranty on all their mice when it breaks or does that only happen in the DeathAdder family of devices?
After only 4 months of use, the left mouse broke on our DeathAdder v2 and with no evidence or even a helpful explanation, Razer support nullified the warranty and has not replaced the device.
Hello Insiders!

Choosing a mouse is often a difficult process. There are many mice aimed for certain game genres, hand sizes and grip types. It is important to choose a mouse which fits your preferences in those key areas, and which also has features which you may also find useful in everyday life; from gaming to productivity. This guide is intended to answer the common question, “Which mouse is best for me?”.

To start, I recommend using Razer’s mouse fit tool, which is located on their site here. This tool will help you find the best mouse for both your hand size and grip type, which will improve comfort and accuracy while using your mouse. The page itself also provides information about both grip types and hand sizes, which I will be mentioning often throughout this thread.

This guide will be split into 8 main sections:

1. Introduction
2. Productivity Lineup
3. Deathadder Family
4. Basilisk Family
5. Mamba Family
6. Naga Family
7. Viper Family
8. Conclusion

You can view each section, or focus on which you are interested in most.

Section 1: Introduction to Razer’s Lineup:

At the time of writing this guide, Razer has 5 families of gaming mice. Each family shares the same shape and general characteristics, however differ with different colours, features, and even different sizes.

Along with Razer’s 5 families of gaming mice, there are also a couple of individual productivity-based models, which I will also mention in their own section below.

Below, I will run through all 5 families along with the productivity lineup, detailing some important features of all models throughout, with recommendations as to what game genres, hand sizes and grip types are best for each.

The viper mine
basilik for sure
i loved my deathadder essential but now i'm absolutely in love with my naga trinity and the kraken TE also rocks. 😃
I was rocking the Razer Copperhead back in the day for my first gaming mouse lol LOVED that thing.. upgraded to the Deathadder2013 and have used it up until now when i just recently got the wireless DeathAdder V2 Pro. ❤
Thank you for giving us tips
Userlevel 7
Endgame Gear XM1 for claw 😉
I wish that i have razer Mouse
I purchased the Basilisk v2 ... it's awsome ... very accurate in games ... lots of buttons too.

Update: however the Profile button on the bottom of the mouse does not work unless Synapse 3 is running. So taking the mouse to another computer that does not have Synapse 3 installed will not work.

Does anyone else have this problem?
Death Adder Essential always the one for me.
Got a wired Naga before. At first just using several basic mouse button but lately make all them programed. Upgraded to Naga Epic Chroma and lost it just because stolen by others. Just starting over with a Deathadder Essential. Loving RAZER's mouse very much. Unlike others, RAZER shows durability and performance always at tops. It also last for a long long time. Even my old wired Naga lasts for about 13 years by now.