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Android 9 "Pie" - Tips & Tricks

  • 6 March 2019
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So, with Pie finally arriving on the Razer Phone 2 (for unlocked models, at least), I figured I'd share a couple of tips that may be of use to others as they were to me!

Disable gesture controls:
Personally, I'm not a fan of the gesture controls. I've tried them, and don't care for it. I must prefer the "classic" three-button layout on the navigation bar. However, there is an option to return to this!

1. Go into the system settings
2. Go to "System"
3. Go to "Gestures"
4. Go to "Swipe up on Home button"
5. Disable it

This will bring back the three-button layout (Back, Home, Overview) and disable the gesture controls on the Home button.

Vertical scrolling Overview:
Who knows why, but with Pie, Google changed the Overview to an iPhone-like horizontal scroll. I also feel this made multi-window less intuitive (even with the three-button layout, you can't do a long-press on the Overview button to enable multi-window). You have to tap on the app icon and then select "Split Screen" from the new menu that appears). But, there's a solution for this, too (thanks to Warrior1988 over at XDA for pointing this out to me!).

1. Go into the system settings
2. In the settings search box, type in "Quickstep"
3. Go into the app info, and Disable the Quickstep app

This will bring back the vertical scrolling Overview, as well as the long-press on the Overview window to enable multi-window.

If anyone else has other tips to share (either Pie-related, or just general Razer Phone), feel free to post them here!

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