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Cleaning phone speaker?

  • 23 April 2022
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I have Razer Phone 2. This might be a silly question.

My Razer phone speakers are very dirty. I tried to clean it by using toothpick but with no luck. I'm going crazy trying to clean the phones because I can't hear anything now when streaming podcasts or YouTube videos. The same thing happened to iPhone which i also use for gaming.

I have followed these suggestion: Clean iPhone Speakers and Cleaning Razer speakers.

They suggest buying an Air blower, Should i spent money on it? Will it work?

Help would be really appreciated.

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2 Replies

I have heard to not use a blower, as it has the possibility of blowing out and ruining the speaker cones
i take a soft bristle tooth brush and dip in in isopropyl alcohol and scrub the speakles, and then play a song like "Scarlet Fire" by otis McDonald or some kind of song that is bassy and lay the phone flat face down to "flush" out the alcohol. you can also look up "speaker clearer" on youtube or even look for an app to help remove the alcohol and the dust from your speaker. always works for me, but give it a shot.