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Combined Controller / Case / Charger for Razer Phones

  • 5 March 2019
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Now I cant understand why Razer - with all the claims on both their phones as gaming ones, have not released a controller which doubles up as a case and charger for either of their mobile phones???

Remember the Razer Edge Pro (gaming tablet which i still own) (picture attached) had the controller accessory where the tablet slots in to it - well all we need is the same thing as this but for our mobile!!

This would mean i can use it whenever i feel the need to play android games, or stream games to it from my pc using moonlight with no bluetooth lag!!!!!

The Raiju Mobile is just a copy of what loads of other companies have already made and i already own the first one they brought out - you have to awkwardly slot the phone into the bracket and this is quite cumbersome and not portable.

Thoughts anyone? Razer?

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1 Reply

I would love this