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desperately need help with Razer Phone 2 PS1 emulation

  • 26 May 2022
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I have a Razer Phone 2 and I'm DYING to emulate PS1... is there a place I can find a decent tutorial? I really want to do everything through the phone without a pc. I'm stuck trying to locate my games, I already downloaded RetroArch and 7zip directly through the phone. can someone help please?

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Save yourself the trouble of trying to set up retroarch. There's quite a few Ps1 Emus right in the app store that require way less work.

I suggest DuckStation since it runs most games and has a ton of features (90fps, upscaling, etc)
Once you download it look for a PS1 BIOS file online (Google it and it's the first link)
Download whatever games you want and then open duckstation and import the bios file, then select what folder your games are in and it should scan it automatically and import the games and you're good to go.

Here's a great resource that has basically everything you'll ever need to know about emulation for life -