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Kishi for Android Games List

  • 19 September 2020
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Hey everyone!

Just got my Kishi for Android so I can play Fortnite with my nephew on my Google Pixel 3 XL. I'm really enjoying it, I didn't have any problems updating firmware (saw that on a Play Store app review) after I realized I was pressing the wrong button for the "Right Function" button. I also have Asphalt, Shadowgun, and a few others that I can't wait to try (particularly all my Gameloft FPS titles).

I'm sorry if this has been covered before but is there a list of compatible games for the Kishi? I found the page on the Razer site with the games that are compatible with the JungleCat and Raiju but I couldn't find anything for the Kishi.

Thanks for your help!

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1 Reply

you can try other battle royale games on mobile. RoS, PUBG, Freefire or even COD mobile. you'll gonna have a huge advantage on fps games with kishi. you can also try fighting games like KoF