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Razer Phone 2 USB-C charge port

  • 3 September 2022
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I searched around and can only find reference to several folks having issues with the USB-C charge port failing on their phone when Razer was still supporting the phone.

Now that the Razer Phone2 is not supported, and there are no other mobile devices on the horizon from Razer, does anyone have a lead on replacement parts?

I've been without the ability to charge for a week now, looking into new phones, but want to save my RP2 from the e-waste pile, it's been a great phone for 3 years.

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3 Replies

No idea on the usb-c port but if you can get a wireless charger you can use that in the meantime, I love this phone and sucks there is no more support for it.. my fingerprint reader is dead and I have no way to fix it 😞
Yea mine too.. im still using the phone through wireless charging but man im sick of it.. i want to be able to charge normally again sigh..

Planning on replacing the battery soon so would be cool if i can change the usb port aswell..

If you find anything please let me know!
I submitted an RMA back in May about my RP2 charging port and battery, they had me send it in for repair just to turn around and say they have no parts available, they said they could sell me a new one for $800 (plus the $99 diag fee) They eventually gave me a 50% discount on the phone's price so it wasn't as bad, considering the features the phone has, for $400 it was a decent deal, especially what is on the market now. Sad that they won't be supporting it any longer, even for warranty support, about a week or so after i got the new one, the speaker grill was damaged cuz i was putting a desk together and the screw threads cut into the grille, everything works fine, but its just an ugly cosmetic blemish. I wish i still had my old RP2 so i could take that top grill and swap it. I doubt razer would sell any salvageable parts for these phones, I was gunna do the usb port and battery swap myself, but found nothing online.