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Intel MDS Vulnerabilities

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Intel recently announced a new group of vulnerabilities called Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) which affects multiple device models with Intel CPU's.

We have released a new BIOS update (RazerUpdater_v1.1.1.1_BIOSv0102) for the following Blade 15 Advanced (2019) models :

  • RZ09-03017
  • RZ09-03018

Please visit this link to download the instructions on how to obtain the BIOS update and how to install it for the above two models.

For other Blade models, we are working on the BIOS updates and will release them in coming weeks.

Please contact our Customer Advocacy team at if you have any further queries.

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Always be up to date !!
Nice to not be vulnerable any more! 😉
The support is really nice... I do wonder what the performance impact will be though. Maybe you should mention it so that people can decide to have higher performance bearing some risk depending on their usage?
Thanks for the update
Nice to see quick updates on vulnerabilities!

On a seperate note @Dekades, I've dropped you a PM regarding a giveaway. :big_grin_:
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It's some nasty stuff happening with the bios problem, glad that you could come up with some fixes.
People above commenting on how nice it is to be protected dont even own the Razer Blade 2019. 😛
Another day, another vulnerability for Intel. Maybe AMD lacks in performance because they arent corner cutting like Intel.
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Pfew, not affected by this for now but its's good to see backup measures.
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I really hope Razer includes AMD CPUs in the future
Will this affect performance?
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For a long time have a big issue with their cpu architecture first spectrum now new security holes. If nothing change i dont see intel have good coustmer reputation and new clients.
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People above commenting on how nice it is to be protected dont even own the Razer Blade 2019. 😜

500% True. Hahaha.
Hi Razer Team,
I have the RZ09-0288 model, and i'm not sure if I need to update my bios as well, or it is only the 2 models mentioned above.

Thanks in advance