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Hello guys

HI! how are you

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Hi Guys~ I am new tooo ^_^
hello everyone
How are you?
good what about u:smile_:
Hello to all from this community.

I'm a new member of the razer platform, and I just want to salute you all and wish you Happy Easter.

See you in game.
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Hello and welcome to forum ^^

Hi Guys~ I am new tooo 😊

Hello and welcome to forum ^^

Hello and welcome :)

Hello and welcome on forum 😛
Hello mate, Welcome to this beautiful forum! :smile_:

Hello dear, I am very well and I hope the same for you! :smile_:

Hi guys, hope everyone is having a good day! :wink_:
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Greetings and welcome to the community!
I just merged both of the "Hello" threads together since there's nothing unique about either of them. Also, I'm going to ask that you both read the House Rules and the Posting Guidelines for Razer Insider since we discourage posting "fluff" which includes short one-liner posts that don't have a direct topic of conversation for others to offer opinions on. Generally speaking just saying hi without a full introduction or offering up any information to encourage discussion is discouraged and/or deleted.

Find the forums that interest you and feel free to make some posts that fire up discussion and encourage participation!

Additional Note: To those of you who responded to all of the various threads I've also merged all your responses into just one post since we also discourage posting more than one post in a row on any given thread.
hello there
Hey I am also new.

HI! how are you

Hey! I'm fine, thank you for asking:)