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[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

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Heyo Insiders, my name is V, my username was chosen by Razer and I figured why not go with it. I don't have any Razer products at the moment, but am looking into getting into streaming games and playing more PC games. Mainly I play Genshin, Tomb Raider and similar games on PS4.
My Name is Jack, I have been a fan of Razer for about 4 years.

I am from California.
How is it going everyone? I'm Spartan x Nation or Spartan for short. I am a #RazerStreamer and proud of it. I do youtube, Primarily Halo but always play other games as well. I own the complete Halo infinite Razer Edition set (Razer Blackwidow. Razer Deathadder, Razer Goliathus) plus the headphones (Razer Kaira Pro) as well as a Microphone (Razer Seiren 😵. So happy to be here.
Hi My self Hania Noor, IIordered last month a Razer Gaming Chair, Recent week I just received my order and I Love it everything fine and Now The World will know a Best YouTuber in Upcoming days,
l got the razer adder elite
Nick; Civil Engineer; hobbyist and gamer. Been visiting the forums a lot more lately and have enjoyed some of the discussions floating around. I guess I'm kind of done lurking and starting to become more active.
Hello I'm new member. I am Stock Market Trader, Investor, and Trainer for the last 19 years. I help Investors and Traders to Grow in Stock Market.
Hello, I'm new here 😉 I play anything from mobile games to PC.
Hi I'm Mistress Hyde a streamer from Twitch, I recently got accepted into the #RazerStreamer program and I'm just feeling my way round this new forum! Anyone know how I get access to the '#RAZERSTREAMER INSIDER FORUM'?
Gday fam! im Spectre1actual! im a streamer on all the main platforms and up until recently have been ps5, however just purchased a razer blade pro so that has opened my world to new possibilities in terms of the versatility of a gaming PC! Anyway i wish you all the best and stop by sometime if you guys are looking for some entertainment!
Hey I'm Zin. Never introduced myself so I am saying hello. I play CoD and fortnite and I'm always looking for new friends. Have a great day!:smile_:
Hello! New Guy Here! Test.!! Test.!! Haha. =P
Hey everyone,ShireWolf_ (ReeceDaniel) Here !

30 Year Old, Training Respiratory NHS Nurse and hoping to meet and make new friends with fellow streamers!

Here's a list of games I enjoy playing ;

  • Halo Infinite
  • Apex Legends
  • Call Of Duty : Modern Warefare
  • Minecraft
  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Silent Hill
  • FallGuys
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Jackbox TV

  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Sea of Thieves

Random fact about me- Have 2 cats and my favourite animal is are Wolves 🙂!

Hey I'm Karla, a 25 year old Ecuadorian hoping to make friends I can game with. I've stuck with handheld consoles throughout the years, mainly from being a hermit but partly because I never really had friends who liked my games other than Pokemon & vice versa. I read tarot, I have 4 cats & I really love crystals/jewelry. If you also happen to be witchy or spiritual, feel free to hit me up!
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I play Minecraft on YT, I use razer cortex to boost my in-game FPS and synapse so I can get a crazy 40 cps on my mouse button 3 and 4 with the turbo and double-clicking, its fun to use it in bedwars or The Bridge, even when you are bridging lol. My Yt is RageRaide by the way.
Hi I'm Andrew or midgetGAMING11 and I am a small streamer on Twitch I don't currently own any razer products but I am looking into some I have been a fan of razer for many years I stream from my xbox as I don't have a pc or laptop I'm autistic and also a carer I stream a variety of games.
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Hello, I'm Samuel Kim, and I've been here just a month (or two months. Doesn't matter.) I'm student learning 3D Graphic programs. I just wanna learn somethings to all of the members in here.
Olá Insiders!

Se você está lendo isso, provavelmente acabou de se juntar à comunidade aqui no Razer Insider, então seja bem-vindo! Estamos felizes que você decidiu se juntar a nós. Por favor, certifique-se de ler as Regras do Insider House e as Diretrizes de Postagem antes de começar a postar 😉.

Seja você um usuário mais novo ou mais antigo, sinta-se à vontade para se apresentar neste tópico e fique à vontade.

Eu sou Brandon (também conhecido como @Jenjar) e venho do Canadá. Sou fã do Razer e estou envolvido aqui no Razer Insider há quase 5 anos, todos começando com um Razer Deathstalker e Deathadder 2013. Desde esses produtos básicos com luz de fundo verde, caí no feitiço Chroma e como, dormir e respirar Chroma. No início deste ano, fui escolhido para me tornar um Razer Vanguard e, até agora, tem sido uma ótima experiência contribuir com essa grande comunidade!

Fora da Razer, também tenho interesse em computadores como um todo, explorar o ar livre e, claro, jogar videogames. Atualmente, meus jogos favoritos são CS:GO, GTA V e Battlefield V.

Isso é tudo para mim, mas agora eu quero ouvir de você! Sinta-se à vontade para falar de onde você é, seus interesses e qualquer outra coisa que queira mencionar (desde que não seja muito pessoal).

Espero que você aproveite seu tempo no Razer Insider!.

muito bom
hai.. le me name ist Ikke.. es ist nais hia zu sain lel
Hi all, great to be here. Not sure what to say other than being a passionate gamer and VR enthusiast. Real life biochemist/virologist.

Welcome to Razer, new Insiders.
Hi~ I'm Natasha, and I'm absolutely new. I'm mostly poking about on here because.. IDK, why not? My only Razer product atm is a Goliath Chroma Extended (Black) I got in a sale cuz I wanted some more RGB in my setup.
I've been tempted by a few others primarily because of the Quartz options, pink is an underserved colour in gaming gear but throwing pink and purple lighting on stuff works a treat.
I play a fair few games, mostly on PC, particularly Forza Horizon 5, Eurotruck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator 2, PC Building Sim, and Runescape. I usually have some kind of shooter in the mix as well, but that one varies, been Battlefield 4 of late after backtracking from 1.
Hello everyone 😉
im alex, i love halo (as u can see as my pfp) im horrible at multiplayer but i still love playing with others
Hi I'm Kanwal, female Gamer, adducted of Fortnite, Mostly people think that a female gamer can't play Online Game, but it's not true.

[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!
Hi I'm Kanwal, female Gamer, adducted of Fortnite, Mostly people think that a female gamer can't play Online Game, but it's not true.