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Are you happy to have the opportunity to play games rn because of quarantine?

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No, cuz working during quarantine.
Unfortunately my quarantine was spent working and studying. Though my bachelor should end in 1 month, and I'l have more time during the summer to catch up with the games I wanted to play.
Same, working during quarantine. With a baby on my knees.
Unfortunately not at all
Initially I got to be lazy and play more games, but then I started working full time from home so games were limited to just a few hours a week when I stream
Haven't gamed this much in a long time. That will be changing soon though, back to work in mid July.
I've been in quarantine for an year and half now, so COVID quarantine doesn't even bother me :D
Actually it helped my "distancing social life" because more and more people are online all the time because they got sacked in the quarantine or can't do their job from home. So you rarely hear the convo:
"Me: 1 more game pls? A friend: Sorry cant, gotta work in the morning"
Well this is the best time to acquire any skill you want. You're having free time and you can learn anything you want, you can do anything you want.