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Razer impact in your Community/Country/Culture etc

  • 9 October 2020
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Hello! I've briefly mentioned this in my introduction as well, but it's something i'm interested about.
What kind of impact did razer products leave to where you are from? Nowadays probably not as big as earlier years when "gaming gear" started really booming.

For example, in Estonia,where i'm from, specifically the island i'm from, when Esports started really booming, ( LoL,CS:GO,DOTA2 ) kids and young adults all scrambled to buy actual gear for gaming. Not just a stock hp keyboard,mouse and headset but actually meant for gaming.
The first 2 companies to hit our markets were Razer and Steel-Series. So there was a split community between those 2 companies. Maybe it wasn't as extreme in the mainland but from my island, people were split between those 2 and it was kind of awesome. Daily discussions on which mouse is better or who makes the best headsets. Funny part is that most didn't even own anything from either of the companies because the stuff was kind of expensive for us. Specially kids who for the first time, had to make a good argument for parents on why specifically that mouse or keyboard for 50-100 eur is what they need instead of a game.
I remember how i asked for Razer Abyssus for christmas and my parents were very confused, why didn't i just ask for a game i could actually play. But it was a "luxury" item that i had received and let's just say, i was the coolest kid in class.

So anyways, the tides often shifted between which company is better, depending what pro teams are sponsored by who or which items broke the most often. My Abyssus still works like a charm so no complaints from me.

I hope there is someone who at least found this story interesting and has one of their own. I've got lots to add but maybe in a reply, since this has gotten long enough already. Cheers!

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