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What is the best GPU and CPU combo to play CS:GO?

  • 21 October 2021
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I just don't know which are the perfect combination to have CS:GO running at a reasonable framerate... I am really dumb about gaming hardware so......

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I don't know what you meant by "perfect combination"
For PC games, there is either a "minimum specs" or "recommended specs"

Minimum specs: Where you set all graphics settings to absolute minimum, but the CPU and GPU will still deliver good level of Frames Per Second (FPS).

Recommended specs: Pretty much opposite to "minimum specs", where the CPU and GPU is able to handle 'ultra' settings that will deliver the excellent capacity of graphics and FPS.

Check out the following link~~~

The System requirements lab has the audit for most up to date games both minimum and recommended hardware requirements. It also has the feature to scan your PC to confirm whether it has the capacity to play the game you chose to audit.
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But you gotta remember, it is not just CPU and GPU that are your requirements. Other things to watch out for

  • RAM
  • Hard-drive storage space
  • OS
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CS: GO is a 'strange' game, because it's more CPU intensive, than GPU.
I've switched some time ago from Intel Core i3 (6th gen) to Ryzen 3500X - now I see a huge difference.
PS. What's your budged, maybe we'll help you with the CPU&GPU combo.
CS:GO will play well on older stuff too.