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What music are you listening to?

  • 27 March 2023
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What kind of music are you listening to? Let’s all hear it. 


For me, it’s still metal



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i like rock music. My favourite groups is Three Days Grace and A day To Remember🤘

Rauf Faik - childhood 🎧 8D AUDIO (Arusik Petrosyan Cover)

When I'm at home with my cat, we both enjoy listening to music together. I've noticed that my cat seems to prefer music that is calm and relaxing, rather than music that is more upbeat or loud.

Number One in my top is this one 


I love to listen to Deftones👽

Someone there are listening to Rammstein?

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Mostly the early/mid 00’s bands, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Armor For Sleep, etc.