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What side are you on?

  • 14 October 2022
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Which of these two keyboards do you like more?

  • Black Window V3 Pro
  • Ornata Choma
  • Cynosa V2

What side are you on?

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4 Replies

I think the Black Widow V3 Pro is the best keyboard out of the three. It's all preference wise, but the Ornata just personally feels like a Mac keyboard with how skinny the membrane and caps are. The Cynosa doesn't come with an attachable wrist wrest which I personally love to have and the look of it just reminds me of the super early membraned keyboards that Razer released back in 2010.
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From just that list, I would probably choose Blackwidow. However, I'm a Huntsman user.
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Initially, I select Black Widow V3 Pro, for its green mechanical switch features, wrist rest & aluminum construction.

However, I end up with Hunstmen Elite instead, since it has the opto mechanical switch feature & Leatherette Wrist Rest option 🙂
I have the Huntsman Elite