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Axon dual monitors keep swapping

How can I swap the order of screen 1 / 2, or make it finally decide which is which?

Half the time I boot up the screens are switched and I’m tired of removing all wallpapers to put them on the correct screen all over again or having to reboot and take my chances again. It certainly doesn’t follow any windows definition of monitor 1 & 2.


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This happens to me, but usually after a bit of a wait my wallpaper loads normally.

Not even waiting 18 hours fixes it, it’s not something waiting fixes. It seems to depend on which monitor is seen by the system first, but can vary slightly. monitor 1 can take several seconds to turn on and monitor 2 takes a couple, so booting up if I turn on monitor 1 during boot and then turn on monitor 2 at login it *usually* works fine. But if my timing is off then they get switched. Axon needs to read what windows identifies monitors as or allow us to swap them in Axon