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Axon Folder Access Denied

  • 27 February 2024
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I recently have started using Axon and I do enjoy the wallpapers and content it currently has.  Though one problem I am encountering is that when I try to access the folder for the wallpapers directly, I am told I do not have access even though I am the administrator.  This also prevents the data from syncing with OneDrive.  After a convoluted process of reassigning ownership to the folder again and again, will I get access until the next reboot.


I would like to set some of these wallpapers as my lock screen.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions??  

1 Reply

I have the exact same problem, i want to delete the folder and i can’t, OneDrive sync error continuously.

Cant even change permission, administrator doesn't work, i uninstalled the software because of that, and even that didn't work