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[Alpha] Razer Chroma Chrome Extension

  • 7 February 2018
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55 Replies

As a "gimmick" you can enable a visualizer that overlays the youtube video in the options!

So do you mean that the keyboard displays the same thing as the YouTube video on the screen? I swear there was something called ambilight a while back that did something similar.

Anyway, cool project. I hope to see it develop more.
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I will certainly give this a try. Anything Chroma is good to me.

Edit: Tried it, already liking it much. Easy to add a colour for my favourites, working 100% so far as I can tell.
Especially liking the fact that colour changes of Synapse 2 and Synapse 3 devices are synchronised without having to change them separately.
This is awesome!
Looks neat but sadly I'm not a Chrome user

OP, any interest in an extension for Firefox?
Thanks! Finally, a Chroma for Chrome! I'll surely give this a try and will tell you of any bugs I encounter.