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Show off Razer Chroma Profiles & Setups

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Hoist your colors! Boast your Razer Chroma profiles and share your shining setups with us.

Hey Insiders,

With 16.8 million colors, it’s easy to make your setup look exactly like you want it to, lighting up the room with shades of awesomeness. Plus, with more Razer Chroma-powered devices on your desk and around, it becomes easy to combine them all to create awe-inspiring sights.

If you feel like showing off your sick Razer Chroma profiles, here’s the perfect place to do so. Share pictures of your shining setups and discuss your settings to find out the perfect configurations.

Show off your Razer Chroma setups and discuss profiles now!

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this is mine. complete with lancehead, hdk(under monitor and side wall), chroma station, tiamat 7.1 and the all important razer mug
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I'm just going to repost the photo I took for the "what's in your bag" -- it shows all my gear / chroma gear. :)

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I have to repost my setup picture from another post in a simple green because Razer Synapse does not work actually. Anyway It looked pretty good, specially with the mug ❤

This is an Old picture of my setup, I've sent it to Razer's Facebook once (never featured ._.)
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Heres my current setup, Don't mind the mess of cables in the back, I don't like them either but I'm terrible at management :P
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I don´t know how to add a picture 😕 Can some1 tell me ? I´d like to add my Chroma desk too 🙂

this is mine. complete with lancehead, hdk(under monitor and side wall), chroma station, tiamat 7.1 and the all important razer mug

Not so fancy but I like it. The Tartarus is not chroma tho...
My PC's front light only had red, so I decided to use it.

-Breathing white/black on WASD and arrows
-Black/White wave on FN keys
-Breathing white/red on firefly and mamba
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I just posted my setup in the Battlestation thread, and I normally just have a pretty basic keyboard lighting but here's a maybe more unique Chroma keyboard profile. A Pacman one I attempted. It doesn't look too great but it was worth a try.

Black, green and white!
Few shots of some Razer stuff. Want the Huntsman Elite, but no USB pass thru is a no go for me.

Still on Spectrum Cycling for now, haven't decided a full color scheme, but here's my setup:
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It's nothing much but the setup is still in progress...
Here is mine :smile_:

My Razer Chroma Music Studio Setup

Love my new Razer Firefly i just bought. It just makes the whole setup complete. Nice work Razer!!
i'll drop it here after i picture my stuff :v
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All of the colours!
Your setups are so much more amazing that my poor boy start in this community 😃, I'll get there tho. Cheers !

Update of my setup 2.0!

With the chroma elements:

Razer Blackwidow Chroma
Razer FireFly Hard Edition
Razer Mamba TE
And these 3 are connected in Synapse with the Philips Hue Bridge.

Then i have 3 Philips Hue Color light bulbs, 2 located behind the studiospeakers and 1 in the middel of the top 2 monitors.
Then behind the lower widescreen monitor i have a LED ledstrip fully round, what is connected with a ambibox to my pc. And that really works perfect!
Also i have a LED strip stretched behind the back on my desk from left to right,
and 2 separate LED strips on the left and rights side of each cabinet.

So i am fully glowing in RGB.. Hahaha..
My setup, except headset (non razer gear) 😥
Voila for the moment!
all razer everythang!
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just tried to create env for DMC5.