A new 2024 giveaway for Razer Cortex users. Share and win. | Razer Insider

A new 2024 giveaway for Razer Cortex users. Share and win.

  • 16 January 2024
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Click here for more chance

Over 3 million Razer Silver and 50 Steam game keys are up for grabs.

Download Razer Cortex on PC and use my invitation code 1d5cde3da337 for more entry tickets.

Don't miss out!

24 Replies

Use mine too!!! Free Tickets!!!!!

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I think mine is glitched--it gave my friend 100 tickets


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I’ll left mine too: 0ca667cfc766 :)

HF & GL!

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Why not, here’s mine f051fb17bdb3

Add mine too!


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Unfortunately, you can only use one code from a friend.

Let's cooperate! 9b5beada819f

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Sorry, I accidentally copied the info from the previous giveaway and then I couldn't edit it. Of course, the prizes are: 60,000 RAZER SILVER TO REDEEM RAZER BLACKSHARK V2 X OR MORE

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8 days left. Click for more chances 😉

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You know what to do 😉 acefb630904f   🤜💥🤛

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I’ve got a promo account, give it a try f051fb17bdb3

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Hello👋, if you want you can use my code :

  • 4fbbfdb43fe0 (Only 10 use in all)

to won 10 more tickets, big thanks for all people who use it 😁.
Good luck to win the prize.🍀

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