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Cant connect mw2 with razer cortex

  • 18 April 2023
  • 1 reply

I can’t connect mw2 with cortex, I have mw2 in application, got the launcher in the files, when i set path it does nothing.

1 Reply

Hey there!


Thank you for sharing your issue with us here. My name is Michelle from Razer Cortex technical support team. I am delighted to be of your assistance. 


When you said you could not connect mw2 with Razer Cortex, did you mean you could not add the game Call of Duty: Morden Warfar 2 to Razer Cortex library? If yes, please make sure that the game and the launcher are installed in the same folder. Then, please ensure that the game is added to Razer Cortex by scanning. You can launch the game with Razer Cortex running in the background. The game will be added to Razer Cortex automatically. 


If it is not a game adding issue, please feel free to let us know more details. Providing your Razer Cortex logs would be very helpful for us to figure out the causes.  


Thank you!