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changes of cortex stay after uninstalling

  • 13 February 2022
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I had downloaded and used Razer Cortex for making the colors in Valorant more vibrant and everything was fine. After a week I had stopped using it because it dropped my frames. A couple days ago I tried to use it again but than after I closed the app the changes stayed and the colors on my monitor were more contrasted and I don't know what to do to revert it back to normal. I uninstalled the app and restarted my pc several times and nothing changed. I also re-downloaded the application to see if maybe there was an option on it but I couldn't find anything. Now my pc is just super contrasted and it makes it annoying to use because everything is so bright. Please help me.

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3 Replies

Hey there!

Thank you very much for sharing your issue with us here. My name is Michelle from the Razer Cortex technical support team. I will be happy to assist you with your issue.

I feel disappointing, too if I’m in the same position. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused you.

Here could you please try the below method?

  • Please install Razer Cortex if you have uninstalled it:
  • Please open Razer Cortex and go to GAME BOOSTER-BOOSTER PRIME-MAKE ADJUSTMENTS, turn on the MAKE ADJUSTMENTS feature at the right top.
  • Then, please click on the REVERT icon of Hue, Brightness, Contrast, Digital Vibrance. Ensure that you did not click any buttons of 'CANCEL' and 'SAVE'. Please check the image attached.
  • Finally, please open your Task Manager to end the task of Razer Cortex to see whether your screen color changed as before.
  • If the color is back to normal, please uninstall Razer Cortex if you do not need it.

Please feel free to let me know if this issue persists after you try the above method.

This issue generally occurred when Razer Cortex was forced to end its process. In such a scenario, Razer Cortex cannot revert the system settings when our users exit their game.

We apologize again for the unpleasant experience you had. Thank you for your patience.

Take care and stay safe.

Best regards,
Hey thank you so much Michelle that helped alot and now my colors are back to normal. Thank you so much for your help youre amazing
That is great! Please feel free to let me know if you have any comments, feedback, or any bugs you encounter.