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[CORTEX PC] Share and Win x AEW: Fight Forever

  • 10 July 2023
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[CORTEX PC] Share and Win x AEW: Fight Forever
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Hey Insiders, 

We are thrilled to announce that a new round of our SHARE AND WIN campaign has begun! In the new round, Razer Cortex will be giving away a whopping 3.2 million Razer Silver and 50 AEW: Fight Forever Steam game keys to a total of 130 winners. 

Click here to join now!


Don't miss out on your chance to win big - simply share this campaign with your friends and family! The more people you invite to participate, the higher your chances of winning. Spread the word and join us in celebrating this amazing opportunity to win incredible prizes. 

Campaign Duration: July 07 08:00 - July 21 08:00 UTC 





How to obtain more tickets 

  1. You will earn 1 ticket when you join this campaign by sharing it on a social media platform. 
  2. You will earn 10 tickets when you join this campaign via an invite code shared by others. 
  3. You will earn 20 tickets for each user who joins this campaign via the invite code you have shared. 

Note: SHARE AND WIN is only available on Razer Cortex 10. If you have Razer Cortex 9 installed on your PC, please update here: https://www.razer.com/cortex 

4 Replies

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Hello Friends,


Thanks Razer for this new SHARE AND WIN campaign.

Good luck everyone. ^_^

Feel free to use my invite code: 8d82c2eaf7b4


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Only 3 days left. Try  and win AEW: Fight ForeverSteam Game Key or  40,000 SILVERS. Check this


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use e404b9dcffcc this code to earn 10 tickets