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cortex sucks

  • 27 April 2020
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I get less fps as well as image quality while running cortex rather than my usual settings thru AMD radeon software (which I don't even think is that great to begin with). Cortex will start up by default, which is why I noticed a dramatic drop in fps as well as quality the day after installing. Uninstalled cortex, getting my usual FPS of consistent 144hz (which is between 10-20fps better than cortex on average) as well as better quality. On a side note, razer synapse 3.0 sucks too.

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5 Replies

Um, Razer synapse 3.0 is fine.
and cortex boosts my computer, so you must have PuPs or something that's dragging your pc. I usually get 10-20 ish more frames with cortex.
for me its not that bad.
right? I don't understand why it doesn't work for them
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I literally have zero issues with both pieces of software. I've closed them both and saw no difference in performance with them running vs not running.
I have zero issues running Cortex, it works well