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Razer Cortex Crashes PC Alltogether

  • 24 December 2018
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Earlier today, I downloaded Razer Cortex for the first time in a while. I noticed they had a new PC cleaning tool and thought it would be an easy way to clean stuff up, and the game booster is always nice. However, after 4-5 minutes in game, my PC crashed entirely, without warning, a complete hard boot. I was confused, and said "it probably was nothing." But the second time, I knew something was wrong. This happened a while back, but I fixed it with a GPU tweak that didn't work this time. Is there anything specific Razer cortex fiddles with in the settings of the GPU that could cause this sort of issue? I have already checked all the usual suspects and cleaned the inside of my PC twice, so I am concerned something happened in my settings. Thank you!

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Try turning off the Game Booster option in Cortex.
I have the same issue and game booster is off I use it to basically just earn silver and since the most recent update it crashes windows 10 build 1809 with no apparent fix I have fiddled with every setting I can think of to try and fix but no good I have since just removed the program and everything is working fine now. I am about to try again to see if I can pinpoint what's going wrong