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Squad hours short

  • 18 December 2020
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My Squad hours are not showing the full amount. I spent over 6 hours last night in supported games, and another 3 hours today already, but it shows me 5 minutes short of the full amount.

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6 Replies

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Are you playing valuable games ?
If it's the case, you should check if it counts after 5 min.
If not, you should close and restart Cortex even your computer sometimes.
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What does the value of the games have to do with anything? I played 3 different games between last night and today, all were in the supported list.

It says I have played 4 hours, but is only reflecting 3:55 for Squad time.
This is unfortunately this season's problem. This started happening to me as well after Dec 19th's reset.

As you can see on the image below, everyone is getting their time counted, but it's not showing up on the total hours/leaderboard. This picture was taken 30min after the reset, which at this time probably most of the teams would have been with 18 hours:
So that really is happening huh? I basically did 10 minutes here and it seems like it is not counting to me for some reason.
oh i thought i'm the one who get the problem. did razer notice the problem by any chance?
Hey guys,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our intention.

We are so sorry that you encountered this issue. After our investigation, we found that there was a displaying issue on your end but actually you've accumulated enough gameplay time.

Playing a fair game and team play are very important. We want Cortex PC Squad Rewards to be fair for all players. We've fixed this issue to avoid any error-displaying on the accumulation of gameplay time.

You all can go check out your gameplay time now if you've already played up to 4 HOURS today. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to see the updated time appear in your profile. Thank you for being an avid player, we appreciate the passion and feedback we receive from the community.

Just a reminder, in Squad Rewards Season 4, we've optimized the displaying time according to your local timezone. The accumulation of daily reset time is always 0000(12am) GMT/UTC, you can refer to our FAQ here

Thank you.