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FGBG STRAP | Strap in for the Win

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Nice decoration for backpack

it would definitely suit with the rogue backpack
I don't know, it's probably just me and I get why Razer would do it, but all this diversification is just diluting the product and brand for me. To me, Razer is about e-Sports Prima Gaming Peripherals. Not about tape, straws, straps, etc. And I know there are people out there that will buy it and think it's great, but to me it takes away from what I see Razer as... The world leader in gaming peripherals and hardware.

Each to their own I guess, and profits are profits.... 😞
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Nice decoration for backpack
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Badge +1
I'd see a reflective version of it.
To be safer at night, so any driver can notice you, when it's pinned to backpack 🙂