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ISKUR BLACK | Perfect Gaming Form

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Our favorite support hero - the Razer Iskur is now available in an all-black colorway. Sporting our blend of ergonomics, 4D arm rests, and a unique lumbar support system, the sturdy Razer Iskur is engineered to carry. Take your pick today:

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Your next couch potato!
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Damn! I am literally drowling on this one!
Oooo I might just have to get myself one of these. My game chair is peeling :eek_:
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WOW ! Planning to upgrade my old gaming chair soon and for sure i'll choose this bad boy
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No RGB,it aint for gaming xD
Does it increase FPS? Not into Gaming Chairs as I suck regardless of what chair I sit in, but that's pretty sleek looking
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I already love it in green.
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Looks Great!
planing to get one
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Hello friends,

Razer ISKUR BLACK is really very classic, a safe value for everyone. :)

Next time, an announcement of the Razer ISKUR QUARTZ ? ^ _ ^
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Every time huh? These promo videos are something else, guys! Phenomenal work!

About the chair itself now.
People think it's expensive but they don't understand how important it is to sit properly. Sitting does only harms your body and physical condition. Just google it and you'll see how much stress and pressure you put on your spine muscles and vertebrae by sitting the wrong way. In the end, it's just a question of how much do you value a healthy posture while gaming.

I think 499 USD is low for this chair. I'd order it now had I had the cash to spare. Given how awful mine is, at just 90 Euros it's a no-brainer IMO
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Oh yeah, i wonder how it didnt was black from the first time.
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pricing for this is quite competitive.
reviews seem good overall.
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The green rim is still represented the "Razer" brand!
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looking good.
Need it to my home office!
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Gotta save a bit of money to get this one.
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i'll save up for this! cant wait!!!
Gotta get me one of these bad boys!
Just picked up the Green edition few days ago during a flash sale here. Definitely enjoyed the new throne, after years of sitting on a cheap kitchen chair and enduring back aches.
lol. "perfect gaming form". Ah yes, your form is perfect. You have completed your training and ready for the big leagues
tutorial video cool
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Gr8 for gaming
Wow this is amazing! 😱 I can't imagine how comfortable you are when you are sitting on this Razer Iskur while you are playing games. Looking forward to have one hopefully so haha 😜
I love this! Will look for a second job so I can start saving.☺