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SNEKI SNEK BOBBLEHEAD | Give Sustainability The Nod

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I'd kinda prefer a moving razer logo or something with the logo on it instead of the snek.
Amazing movement with go green. We are in a climate crisis and can get all the help that we can. #GoGreenWithRazer lets make it going !
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this made me Lol. i have a solar-powered Mr Bean one. this'll give him a nice pet for company 🙂
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Useless so essential.
Take my money !
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Meet the newest addition to the Sneki Snek family - the Sneki Snek Bobblehead! Artisanally hand-painted to capture every detail of our beloved serpent, this collectible will feel right at home on your desk. Join us on our sustainability journey where each Sneki Snek merch sold saves 10 trees:


Cute lol
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so cute!! but is it sustainably made itself?
Will Razer ban me if I bought them all... They are so freaking cute
It's soo cute I need this
Omg so cute!