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Since the onset of COVID-19, we've donated 1M masks globally, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We've also set up our very own surgical mask production facility in Singapore to ensure high quality, certified surgical-grade masks which are manufactured in controlled conditions. While we continue to send them to frontline staff that need them, we've also received an overwhelming number of requests to make them available to everyone, especially in light of the recent WHO guidelines to be masked up.

Made in Singapore and registered with the US FDA, the #RazerForLife Surgical Masks are also tested for 95% BFE, EN14683 and ASTM.

Now shipping on

For more information on our COVID-19 mask donation efforts, visit

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One of the reason that make me a Razer fan is implication in curent worldwilde event like the Covid crisis.

When i saw that Razer manufacturer would start to make some mask to help hospital and medic employees, I felt proud to spend my money in your peripherals than others brands.

Glad to be a small sand in this big family that Razer is.
The initiative to supply mask dispensers in Malaysia is highly commendable. Havent seen any other gaming company dedicate their resources for this cause. And I saw Min's post about supplying 1 Million masks in total to many other countries too. Thats awesome.
I didn't like the initiative for the limited run Cloth masks but the overall donation of masks is a very good effort. In this trying time only Razer seems to be caring for the people, other companies are mostly silent. Even companies bigger than Razer are waiting for all this to blow over instead of acting right now.
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^ It's true. They are one of the very few who've actually invested in switching manufacturing and opening their own facility for mask production. It's pretty crazy that other large companies haven't followed suit.
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Nothing against the use of a mask where is necessary. Kudos Razer!
Everything against this fake pandemic though. We are forced to be isolated for a virus that's no worse than the flu and while witnessing the utter hypocrisy of politicians in the States that frequent riots unmasked while scolding their opponents for their own rallies.
The issue is 100% political and it's already terrible as it is.
This is great to see Razer taking actions in the fight against the Covid-19, thanks !
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#RazerForLife indeed!
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Keep up the good work Razer.
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support this!
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@Natachat90 here you go : D
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Nice to see >GAMING< brand to help fight CoV-19, some governments should learn from this ❤
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Good on ya!
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From what i hear, wave 2 is incoming so just keep up the production Razer, buy i think your fans might deserve a piece or two of the masks.
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#RazerForLife !
Yeah there is still a lot of humanity in the world:smile_:
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I like it that it has a Razer logo at the bottom and #razerforlife at the top right.
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Hello Friends.

Congratulations Razer on the manufacture and donation of surgical masks.

I am happy and proud to be an insider of your brand when I read this featured topics. ^_^
Im happy to see razer doing something to take care of these hard times however i want that reuseable mask back in stock, that would be awesome to have
Please make it available here in Italy as well soo we can contribute to the cause. We welcome the idea to help those who are helping others.
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Anyone would buy a box of Razer's mask by redeeming the Razer silver??

I think I might do so, with that only cost me the delivery fee
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you guys seen those razer mask, vending machines?

Awesome #RazerForLife
I'm glad Razer is stepping in to help.
yeah #RazerForLife ! ❤
Just wondering if there is an issue shipping the masks through the USA into Canada?

[indent]JUL 18
12:12 AM
Shipment exception
Improper or missing paperwork - Missing Commercial Invoice - Contact customer service
Bloomington, CA