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Time Screen not working in nabu watch

  • 19 December 2018
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I purchased a razer nabu watch one month back, yesterday suddenly my time screen is not showing any thing but my notification screen working perfectly. Please guys help me asap. I seriously do not know the issue it may be cell or what. Just help me. I can upload image as well, if needed.

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Your battery for the time is done and needs replacing.

The time on the watch uses a separate battery than the notification panel. It uses a standard watch battery that lasts about a year. You can take it to a watch repair place and have them change it or buy a small screwdriver and replace the battery yourself by taking off the back panel.

EDIT: Here's an instruction guide to replacing the battery, it's super easy LINK
My notification screen and nabu button are not working. SOOO you can see the dilemma... How the f am i going to restore my watch or even reset it? Anyone? I need help..