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[TotW] Looking Forward to 2021

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Last week a lot of new and exciting products were revealed during our RazerStore Live event. Everything from new collaborations to the new Nvidia RTX 30 series Blades and even new tech surprises like Project Hazel.

Which new product are you excited about? Did anything make your "Must Buy" list? What didn't you see that you were hoping for? Like and sound off in the thread for your chance at the weekly "Great" achievement and I'll throw in two more "Nice" achievements to those that leave good comments.

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Project Brooklyn is a pretty neat concept, however it is not one of the items which was announced that is currently for sale. Out of the products that are for sale, I have always been attracted to the Blade 15 lineup, and that has not changed with this release, haha.
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Many Insiders are asking about the Project Hazel release date and price.

Many nations are fighting against the covid 19 virus, so should gamers.
I look forward for its release~~
Best to stay protected then say sorry.

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Project Hazel just looks so darn cool! That's the one that really spoke to me; putting the latest tech into a product for a good reason.
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Project Hazel looks pretty cool but I'm not sure if it's something I would have the courage to wear haha. It's a little bold and the unwanted social interactions might make some of us introverts brains' go haywire lmao! I also worry about the price of it but it does look super cool.

I really really dig the spec bump of the new blade advanced. Really shocked by the additional m.2 slot! My blade is super jealous of that! Sadly, it's not feasible to upgrade just yet, mine's only a year old and still ripping through the latest gaming titles with ease.
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Project Brooklyn is a revolutionary one!
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Project Brooklyn is the beast! Hahaha!
Nothing really to look forward to...
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I wonder how will turn out to be the Project Brooklyn.Its too good to be true dont forget to add my idea of the mini fridge on the side and a pocket for the controllers and stuff.
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Project Hazel could add a mode that would cover the mouth area.
For me the must buy list contains the "Razer Balde 15" and the "Chroma Mask".

They are LIT!
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Sorry for that but that was the only way I can post my reply. (Even after clear all cookies and reset browsers)

Sorry for that but that was the only way I can post my reply. (Even after clear all cookies and reset browsers)

Hey, that's a known bug on the site and the Razer official support is aware of it and is been worked on. For now, the resolution is to when you post make sure not to use multiple space ENTER between sentences and lessen the special characters, does the trick work around. And you will need to wait for few minutes, if you come across the issue again.
Project Hazel is really great!
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Excited about the gaming chair and Hazel left me with a pleasant note.
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I would really like to see those Projects become real, and another thing i'd like is going more with the wireless technology for headphones maybe even keyboards, why not.
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My 2021 target is to buy wireless peripherals and Project Hazel !
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Looking forward to a realization of Project Brooklyn!
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Would like Hazel project to become reality!
Project Brooklyn is like an unaccessible dream.

But what hyped me the most was the project Hazel.
Can't wait to get one.
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Hello friends,

Love all new Razer Blades with Nvidia RTX series 30 GPUs.

I hope there will soon be a Quartz or Hello Kitty version
I genuinely can't wait to get a Project Hazel mask.

Devs, if you're paying attention to this, I have two requests.

1. Please make sizes for large heads. You have no idea how hard this is to shop for, even in cloth masks, and I can't be the only big, (and yes, overweight) gamer out there who would love to give you my money for this.

2. Would LOVE to see a feature allowing voice modulation. If you're already adding in the amplifier (absolutely wonderful idea) then it seems a natural to include modulation. Ideally with a mobile app that also allows for control over the Chroma.

Thank you for such a fantastic product idea. Please bring this one home.
Project Hazel could make non-mask wearers wear a mask :smile_:
Appreciate Razer contributed a lot to the society during this covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully this year we all got recovered and having a better year. Also, looking forward to seeing Razer introduce more gamer products for gamers.

Good jobs Razer~
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More availability for Europe, that'd be awesome.
Wanna see Hazel come to life.