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A little advice, please?

I would like to buy a razer headset, but i dont know which one should i choose

I was choosing between Electra v2 and Kraken Pro v2

Would be nice if you (maybe even owners) told pros and cons of each model

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Well i have tried just 2 headsets from Razer, one Kraken USB 7.1 and the ones that i now use the Kraken 7.1 V2. I have to say the 1st time i heard the 7.1 surround type i was amazed, just to be able to hear things exactly from the direction that were happening is a cool thing. So my guess is that every headset with 7.1 is worth a shot, and now i'm aiming to some 7.1 wireless headset. Don't know too many details about others except the Man'O'War pair which are famously know for their broken headband, so might wanna take that in cosideration.
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Becose of many replays on forum with electra v2 go with kraken you should be good and happy.
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I would love to see some input about the Razer Nari Ultimate on here - @.Surf. , you mention surround sound, and the Nari Ultimate boasts 360 degree THX Spatial Audio. I have no idea what would be better, the 7.1 or the THX Spatial.

As far as the models you listed, @BreakSteP , I've only used the Kraken Pro v2 (3.5mm connection). I swapped the normal ear cushions with some gel-cooling ones, and the already-comfortable headset became even more comfortable.

Pros and cons are all subjective, so please take the lists below with a grain of salt -
1) Retractable mic is great, especially when I want to just have those things on for music (admittedly, that's not a lot because I have some pro-quality headphones for when I am mixing audio on a large event, but I have used it even a few times at work) OR when the people I'm playing with are being super toxic and I don't feel like talking to them any more - just get rid of the mic.
2) As stated before, comfort. They just feel great to me, and the option to swap out the ear cushions just made them better.
3) They fit the headset pouch perfectly.
4) Audio quality is surprisingly good for the price. As I said, I have some pro headphones for work, so I wasn't expecting too much from headset at that price point. When I first put them on, I was expecting to hear WAY too much bass, and while my ears are used to a flat response, the tuning on them is great for gaming (and the Hamilton soundtrack somehow)).
5) I can plug them into anything with a 3.5mm connector.

Cons: Having a 3.5mm connector, there's no Chroma.

That's the only con that I, personally, can think of. Like I said, I don't use them too much for every day listening (they're big, and my Razer Hammerhead BTs are much more useful to me in that regard).

I have zero experience with the Electra.
I dont know about the other one .. but i'm using Razer Kraken Pro for almost 1 year now
so far its Great and has no Problem ( God Bless me ) :D

and yeah Razer Surround is a really great Add for any Headphone
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I personally love my Kraken 7.1 V2's, however both the Kraken Pro V2 and Kraken 7.1 V2 are out of production now, and they were replaced by the Razer Kraken and Razer Kraken TE, so I would only get one of the older model if it is discounted less then the new model(s).