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[BONUS SILVER OFFER] First Time Users Get 10,000 Bonus Silver

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if only I'm a new user...


Are you still on the fence about creating your own Razer Gold Wallet? Join Razer Gold today* and get 10,000 Bonus Razer Silver**. Beginning now until October 19, 2021 first time users who join Razer Gold* will get 10,000 bonus Razer Silver** when you recharge a minimum of $25 with Razer Gold wallet on any game or entertainment content. This offer is only valid while supplies last, meaning this offer may run out before the October 19th deadline, so act fast!

For more fine print and details visit: The New Razer Gold & Silver

* New users must recharge with Razer Gold wallet.
** 10,000 bonus Razer Silver will arrive by October 22, 2021.

So if I just used gold for the first time, and the 2x silver promo for certain games is running, will I not get one of the bonuses? I am hoping if that's the case I can pick which one I want or they give the higher amount out of the two, but oh well. GETTING BONUS SILVER! (Regardless of how it works out, and that's in addition to the funds I would have spent in-game content anyway, they really give some awesome real-life stacking opportunities for gamers.)

I have been trying to find out how the squad events can possibly work better when gaming using certain platforms? If using Xbox play anywhere or through the xbox app getting counted, and some games that don't seem to add time? if anyone has a recommended direction to get answers, it would be appreciated.
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This is pretty awesome. If anybody is on twitch and subs to people, you can just pay in razer gold, and get in the habit of it and be rewarded, plus the 10,000 silver here. Not a bad deal considering it doesn't cost an extra dime and just requires a small habit change.
New user here:wink_:, this is shit right?
Good news, thank you.
Wow it's amazing for New users.

Why i can't
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Great for new users.
Great promotion for first time razer gold users


Kendi Razer Gold Cüzdanınızı yaratma konusunda hala kararsız mısınız? Razer Gold'a bugün* katılın ve 10.000 Bonus Razer Silver** kazanın. Şu andan itibaren 19 Ekim 2021'e kadar Razer Gold*'a ilk kez katılan kullanıcılar, herhangi bir oyun veya eğlence içeriğinde Razer Gold cüzdanı ile minimum 25$ şarj ettiğinizde 10.000 bonus Razer Silver** kazanacaklar. Bu teklif yalnızca stoklarla sınırlıdır , yani bu teklif 19 Ekim'deki son tarihten önce bitebilir, bu yüzden hızlı hareket edin!

Daha iyi baskı ve ayrıntılar için şu adresi ziyaret edin: The New Razer Gold & Silver

* Yeni kullanıcılar Razer Gold cüzdan ile şarj etmelidir.
** 10.000 bonus Razer Silver, 22 Ekim 2021'e kadar gelecek.

I love such events, thank you.
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I will wait promo for "only old users" 🐝
Wow it's amazing for New users.
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This promotion is open to new Razer Gold wallet creations only.
"Only for new users"

*Cries in the corner* sob sob sob :frown_:
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darn too bad i dont qualify for it LOL
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Hello friends,

Thanks Razer for this new users offer.

Welcome New Insider. ^ _ ^
coll :sorriso_:
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Why only for the first ?
You could make it available for everyone.

Never understood this method to get new consummers but to exclude loyal members for years....
Haha, the old lure and bait! If you were planning on signing up and spending $25, awesome for you! But I still don't believe that loyalty rewards should require an actual spend for the loyalty like this. Sure if you're buying a physical peripheral or product, but not lure people into buying online currency to be rewarded for something you cannot spend how you want in any case?
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100,000 zSilver will be more attractive!
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USD$25 is better spend in Tapjoy for completeing a reward
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10k silver!
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Hooray for new Razer Gold members! What a welcome gift!
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What a great promo to earn more Silvers !
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a great promo to make others join the cult!

It makes me to join again 😛