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Good Behavior Silvers | Write On!

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Many of us have read the great books written by J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter series became an international success that not only was a turning point for J.K. Rowling, but for many movie makers such as directors, producers, actors etc.

What if you could do something that can shake the RAZER Insider community?
You in for something that can be an inspiring writing from what you post?
Something that can make the reader/s jump off their chair?

I am talking about "Good Behavior" awards

I have been awarded quite a SUM of good behavior silvers from RAZER official/s for my work in the insider forum post.
Some of my work are as per following~~~

My thoughts were more into giving insiders something to read~~~
Like my first award; the idea I had was "love your battlestation"
We all want that battlestation that tops it all; but I want to say, who cares what my battlestation specs are, who cares if it does not have RGB.
Whether the battlestation was built from scraps or lowest specs, you should be proud of what you have built. I enjoyed my first budget build, I loved the outcome of how it was able to play some of the games from Rockstar Games, Blizzard Ent, VALVE etc.

RAZER have not produced their own version of Silicon keyboard cover. Some insiders thought it might be worth having a silicon cover to keep their keyboard clean from dust, hair, food bits and TOE NAIL!!!

By being a good writer or something that moves the Insider community or a lucky winner from Dekades daily / weekly threads, you can get a chance to be awarded big silvers within the Good Behavior category.

So, Write On Insiders!

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