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missing code digits

  • 5 October 2023
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I bought 2 razer code cards one for $100 and the other for $ 270 when I gently scratched the cover all numbers were there except the last two on both cards. I've submitted a ticket to get last two numbers for the cards but it's been 3 days no reply so I called support today and he give me a case number and said I'll get a call back in 3 to 4 hours and no call back yet and this was 6 hours ago. Can anyone tell me how I can get this solved quickly? 

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4 Replies

I accidentally scratch out three digit number of the pin

I accidentally scratch out three digit number of the pin

What did you do? I didn't scratch mine off they just weren't there and I'm having a hard time with them getting either the missing numbers or new codes.

Finally last week got answer about the missing two digits of the code on both cards. After 3 weeks of trying to get the missing numbers I get an email saying that my two cards with missing code numbers have been redeemed. Obviously they weren't redeemed by me because I didn't have the full codes so again I made a phone call and here's what I was told I have to do. Go to local police department and file a police report then get a copy of it and send to razer and once police department contacts razer then razer will begin immediately an investigation. Now why after 3 weeks of emails back and forth do I need to file a police report when razer was well aware of my code problem? If they had reacted promptly I wouldn't had to this because the cards were redeemed 9 days after I bought the cards and 8 days after I contacted razer about the problem. Anyway police asked me why razer said file a report when the store I bought them from (Wal-Mart) is responsible but they told me they weren't. The officer told me to go to purchase store call them and ask for an officer to meet me at store and then the officer will inform Wal-Mart they are responsible and then we go from there. In 4 days it will be exactly a month I've been dealing with this and still $370 of my money is gone and that's not counting the $370 I to get to replace what was taken. First time buying a razer card and depending how quickly and how they resolve this to get my money back it may been the last time I buy razer card. There should be some law that positively holds someone accountable if someone else is able to redeem your card or there is a problem with the card because the makers of these cards should be able to fix it so nobody can redeem it however they do it and I definitely wouldn't mind showing my ID to purchase the card or to redeem it either as long as I am able to use what I've paid for. Everybody should go back to accepting debit and credit cards and do away with what we call scammer cards here. They need to find a way to track these gift cards or outlaw them.

I didn't damage the code, the last two digits were completely missing from the code and I reached out to support and after three weeks of run around from them they send a message telling me the cards have been redeemed and they weren't redeemed by me because I been trying to get the code fixed. How can I possibly redeem two cards when two digits were missing from both cards?