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missing pin number

when I scratched of pin there was only 10 numbers not 14

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when I scratched of pin there was only 10 number; the last 2  or three number were ink blocked out.

I scratched out 3 pin and have submitted all receipts, approval and full picture of the card almost 78hrs now yet no response from the support team,2hat do I do?

Were you able to get this resolved? I bought a $200 razer gift card at the grocery store the other day and scratched it too hard, apparently, and can only read 10 of the 14 digits, so I cannot redeem it. I have been back and forth with support with no results, yet.

More than 7 days now no positive answer,I got an email stating my card is valid and unused without providing me the complete Missing pin, within 2hrs again I got another email saying my $900 damaged card has been used,been asking questions,who used it, the cards and receipts are with me,I don't have the complete pin,I only send a picture of them and receipt to support team,now who used my cards, support team is not giving me positive response, I've been cheated, don't think I'd be using RAZER GOLD for a long time.

I have done that, no help.