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  • 3 June 2024
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Imagine being able to erase your memory of one video game, giving you the chance to experience it all over again for the very first time. Which game would you choose and why?

Whether it's the breathtaking story, the unforgettable characters, or the thrilling gameplay that made it special for you, share your pick and tell us what makes that first-time experience so magical. Comment the game that left a lasting impact on you and why you’d love to relive those moments all over again and get a chance at the Weekly 5000 Razer Silver!

9 Replies

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Call of duty, casue its my favortie

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I would choose Super Mario 64, because it is one of my favorite classic games

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Command Conquer red alert 2  - Best of childwood game in my first PC game ! 

If i could do that i play The Last of Us, it`s my favourite game it`s incredible specially the second part.

Final Fantasy VII My first deep dive into a RPG Between the awesome story and gameplay the. FMV sequences were purely amazing for the time. The characters and the story still stick with me to this day. no matter how much I try to relive that experience. I never seem to find it, but still. enjoy. gaming to this day.

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diablo...to hear Deckar Cain dialogue

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I would choose Dragon Ball FighterZ.

My first thought was to replay OMORI, and my second Inscryption, but despite how much I would love to experience those again, they shaped and forged some of my best memories with many people close to me, and in OMORI’s case, the art I plan to dedicate my life to. I played these pieces of art we call games at the right time in my life, and I am so privileged to be able to say that I can’t think of a better time to have played them then the one I already had. 

I choose DBFZ because I think it would be fun to get into alongside some of my beginner friends, so as to have the same skill level as them and make it more rewarding for them to invest into the game, and the overall genre.

I have to say Ghostrunner, first run-through is beautiful and it is just so much more fun on the first time.

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